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From a recent presentation to New Jersey Lawyers:


"Great content and Ms. Braman was especially engaging. The examples were relatable and she was funny."


"I feel better!"


"Informative and concrete techniques. Very good."


"Helpful, practical information. Worthwhile!"


"Not your usual CLE class - but it was wonderful."


August 2019 Happiness Happens Month

Celebration Now Extended for Smile Starter Awards

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Noreen Braman, who, as a certified Laughter Wellness Instructor and member of the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor, has also studied happiness and followed the Gallup World Happiness report for many years, participated in SOHP's celebratory "Smile Starters Award" program during Happiness Happens Month.

The recognition of the start of this annual tradition was lauded by many state governors - Is Your State on The List?



The SOHP has decided to extend the time for awarding Smile Starter Awards, in an attempt to reach a dream goal of ONE MILLION AWARDS. If you live in Middlesex County New Jersey and know someone, or some organization who deserves a Smile Starter Award, email your nomination to:


See Noreen's award winners here.





Are You in the Northeast and Looking for A Group That Can Help You
"Get Serious About Humor?


Logo Header with smile for the Nor'easters Chapter of AATH

The New Nor'easters Chapter of
The Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor is for You!


The Eastern coast of the United States knows a lot about windy storms, especially the Northeast. In honor of that particular geographic phenomenon, a new chapter of an international group devoted to “being serious about being funny” is forming. The Nor’easters regional chapter of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor ( is seeking area AATH members and others to join up.


New Jersey’s founding member of the chapter, Noreen Braman, has been a member of the AATH since 2005. “Forming this local chapter, with Pat Shea, Long Island Squeaky Clean Comedian, from Northport, NY is a way to bring kindred spirits together to share the research, discoveries, fun and red noses that comes from being a member of AATH,” said Braman.


The Nor’easters chapter is inviting anyone from New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Massachusetts to sign up for their “Weather Report” email list. Future chapters may form from this group as it expands.


The chapter’s inaugural meeting will be held, Sunday, November 10, 2019 , and a Zoom Link will be available for remote viewing. 


Sign up to get the chapter's "Weather Report" emails.



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