Sample Programs

Customized Well-Being Introduction and 5 Session Workshop


Bring 5 Habits that Build Resilience and Enhance Well-Being to your group as a 1 hour introductory program, then follow-up with the in-depth, interactive 5 session workshop. View a webinar based on this on the Video page


One Hour Programs on Individual Well-Being Habits


Living on the Smile Side of Life - Where it all started! Learn about the importance of laughter as a human survival skill, the physical and psychological benefits, participate in sample Laughter Wellness Exercises


Full Laughter Wellness/Laughter Yoga Session: Groups learn the art of laughing for no reason — just for the health of it! All you need to do is Breathe, Laugh, and Move! Wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle. Session concludes with a guided relaxation.  50 minutes See Laughter Dance and Cell Breathing on the video page


Keynote Presentations for conferences and seminars - featuring my personal story: "The Daughter of Laughter & Chaos" with customized well-being content for your audience


WellBeing for U! - More Well-Being habit Presentations, including Writing Your Personal Mission Statement Reinvention After 50, and presentations by Dale M. Ford - Information


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